The Distinguished Brother

Sunday Omori He was not happy that God favored his brother. While they were still interacting, out of envy and hatred, he killed his brother. Many people have the nature of Cain, the first person to commit murder in the world. They may not have shot or macheted a sibling but committed murder by mishandlingContinue reading The Distinguished Brother

The Benefits of Loving God

Sunday Omori We love God when we: L – learn of Him; O – obey His commandments; V – voluntarily serve Him and E – enter into His gates and courts continually. Let us look at some benefits of loving God. Glorification God glorifies any individual who believes in Jesus Christ and walks with Him.Continue reading The Benefits of Loving God

Day of Remembrance

The Almighty God is all-knowing (omniscient); He is mindful of His promises and everything concerning His children. This means that God is be able to bring to His mind an awareness of everything happening to His children daily. What a big and wonderful God He is to handle the cases of all His sons andContinue reading “Day of Remembrance”